Korsteel Dr Bristol Eggbutt From the original Korsteel. Quality bits made from the finest materials with a complete line of hardware for every discipline. Depend on Korsteel products for great quality and price.

Color: Stainless Steel
Size:  5 $22.00

However the center spatula is angled such that the thin edge can push harshly into the horse's tongue thus giving this bit a more severe action than might be supposed. JP Korsteel with Dr Bristol Dare Poly Rope. It is a high quality bit that will perform to the highest expectations.

Wide selection of eggbutt flexi or snaffle bits at low prices at HorseLoverZ. Bristol link from Korsteel. This Eggbutt Snaffle features a Dr.

Korsteel French Link Eggbutt.

The eggbutt is a common multi discipline style of cheek piece for snaffle bits. Centaur Dr. By flaring out the ends of the mouthpiece and joining the rings with flush swivel joints Tough 1 Canvas English Saddle Carrying Bag. Start remembering your searches. Check out our extensive selection.

Bits for every horse.

Perhaps the wolf in sheep's clothing of snaffle bits this bit looks much like a mild French link snaffle to the untrained eye. Turn on search history Korsteel Dr Bristol Eggbutt to start remembering your searches. Quality stainless steel Korsteel Eggbutt bits are. The eggbutt snaffle minimizes two problems that can arise with its cousin the loose ring snaffle whose rings can pinch the edges of the horse's mouth and which doesn't provide much lateral stabilization. Myler Level Stainless Steel Ported Barrel Bit With Hooks.

Bristol Eggbutt Bit.

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